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Our Kittens

Our Kittens

Our Kittens

At Petland Monroeville, our technicians and managers spend lots of time and effort to obtain kittens with agreeable personalities, and they take every precaution to see that the kittens are sound and healthy.

Once kittens arrive at Petland they are bathed, vaccinated, put on a nourishing diet, microchipped, and begin the important period in their life we call “socialization.” Diets are closely monitored, and hygiene is meticulously maintained.

When we place our kittens out we are inviting every cat lover to pet and cuddle as much as they want. We realize this contributes to the kitten’s socialization, and that every kitten’s temperament is improved by it. We believe our kittens make better pets!

In order to provide a happy, healthy atmosphere for your kitten, Petland Monroeville recommends some necessary as well as fun accessories. Visit us today and consult with a Pet Counselor to ensure you are providing these fun and essential items that your new kitten needs.

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