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Our Pets

Our Pets

Pets for Sale at Petland Monroeville!

For a list of the pets currently looking for a home, please give us a call, or better yet stop by the pet store. Here are some things you should to know about Petland pets:

  • All Petland puppies and kittens have been checked by a licensed vet before being offered to customers.
  • Trained Petland kennel technicians check the health of our puppies and kittens every day and veterinarians check them once a week. Weight, temperature and eating habits are monitored and records are kept. Any inconsistencies are noted and reported to consulting veterinarians who provide follow-up care.
  • Petland stores participate in a puppy socialization program, involving staff and customers interacting with our pets to ensure their behavioral and socialization needs are met.
  • Petland’s custom-designed kennels are larger in all dimensions than recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. Our kennels are designed to be easily disassembled and are cleaned continuously each day.
  • All Petland puppies and kittens go home with current vaccinations and a health warranty. New pet owners are advised to take their puppy or kitten to a veterinarian for an additional health check.
  • Petland store operators and our professional partners use a number of pet registries, including the American Kennel Club (AKC) and others.
  • New owners of Petland puppies receive Pets for a LifetimeSM Resource Kits. Each kit includes local canine resources, dog training DVDs, coupons discounts on puppy care products and unlimited consultation with certified canine behavior specialists. All are made available by Petland to help assure a successful transition for our pets and their new families.
  • In addition to registerable pets, Petland stores offer homeless pets and accidental litters of puppies and kittens. Since it’s beginning in 1967, Petland has initiated a number of community service programs to deal with the issues of pet overpopulation.

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